Better Together

Supporting You and Your Cancer Treatment Journey

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Caring, on another level

MyWays helps patients and their caregivers organize and mobilize an on-demand social care team.  

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Your Care Team At Your Fingertips

The MyWays app is built to leverage the care between patient and their caregivers. You can organize and mobilize an on-demand social care team with the app. 

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Remove the Burden

with social caregiving

Track Clinical Journey

fight cancer, with a streamlined process

Feel Supported

care with help from friends and family

High Care Engagement

be in the know all the time

Patient, Co-Pilot and Care Team

A Visual Care Map to engage care team in the patient’s care

Care Tools - care packages, appointment tracking, gift marketplace

Curated Content - evidence-based research, tips, videos and articles 

Inter-care support including secure video and messaging powered by Cisco Spark™


Shine a light on the treatment journey

MyWays makes it easy for everyone to rally together, share the information you need and connects you with handy everyday services in a beautiful, easy-to-use app. 

How it works

MyWays maps multiple facets of the care journey

Informed Decision Support

• Help patients take immediate control
• Outcomes focused alignment to the best, most affordable treatments and care options  

Social Caregiving

• Organize and mobilize caregivers into an on-demand support team
• Facilitate caregiving communication and patient's logistical needs during their journey

Emotional Support

• Connect to other cancer patients who have a similar diagnosis
• Build social support teams so that the patients don’t have to go through their journeys alone.

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